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Bugstack involves to many options for you. see error percentages and history, Create a team and work with them a project, you can to manage your groups or projects easily.

Event Tracker

You can track all your events like errors, warnings and user-based events..

Resolve Bugs

You can asisgn them to any project member or you can track and close it.

Search Bugs

You can search your events with many parameters.

Team Members

You can create teams and manage your team members

Reach Bugs Everywhere

We are powerful with mobile and desktop applications. You can reach your bugs everywhere.

Manage Your Bugs Before Release.

Don't wait users. BugStack.io will tell you where are the bugs,If users have bad experience, only %8 of them visit you again

Uncover technical mistakes that may affect your users.

Don't lose your users, manage your bugs before they see

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BugStack.io is an easy to use tool for Error Trackings.

it's easier to solve complex problems.

It enables detection of direct error without getting lost in problems.

it's suitable for team work.

It is not possible to lose time in your business with the opportunity of job description and job planning within the team.

Special review for each language.

We will be offering better solutions soon with all language support.

Who we are !

BugStack.io is a event tracking technology and R&D solution.
BugStack.io is a technology and R&D project which operates through Turkey where it develops and publishes Online, PDA and wireless device games and applications. BugStack.io uses the latest technologies to provide a wide range of products at high quality and dependability.

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